I am the mother of 4 very active and very involved boys.  I have a husband who travels weekly all over the world, and for the past 10 years I have taught school.  With my oldest son getting ready for his last year in High school, the next one just entering, and my third complaining that I was too busy to come to his games, I decided it was time to profit by leveraging my time, technology, and people for the ultimate benefit of my family.

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Just like me, many of you may be trapped in a job you either don’t like, aren’t passionate about, or frankly working at the expense of your family, spending way too much time and making way too little money for it.  So join me on the Jim Collins’ journey to Greatness.  Let me show you how to find your unique niche and how to leverage video technology to make money doing what you are both passionate about and soon to be best in the world at!